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Nonprofits Shouldn’t Skimp on Branded Merchandise Products

With the perpetually tight budgets of nonprofits and important causes that require monetary funds, it’s easy to scoff at the idea of spending money on getting branded t-shirts printed or slapping your logo on a tote bag to give away at your next event. However, before you give up on the idea of branded products, AKA, “swag,” “gifts,” etc., consider the benefits of distributing these products:

Increased Name Recognition
Getting your name out in the world is one of the biggest uphill battles a nonprofit will face; the right people who connect to what you do have to know about what you do in order to support your organization.

Branded merchandise for nonprofits can be physical ways to advertise who your nonprofit is and the hard work that your organization does. Building brand awareness is key to getting regular donations and volunteers. "If your community doesn’t know who you are, how are they supposed to help?"

Impossible to “Turn Off”

A lot of advertisement or engagement is done through digital channels these days. Whether it be commercials, social media, or online advertisements, people have gotten used to tuning out and ignoring extra digital media that they aren’t seeking out.

When a commercial comes on the channel can be changed, but when someone is walking down the street with a branded t-shirt on, you can’t click “skip.”

It may seem like a small way to build brand awareness, but if five people see that t-shirt in one day, imagine how many people could see t-shirts worn all over the community.

People Like to Represent Social Causes

Now more than ever, consumers are committed to representing their values through what they purchase and the products they wear and use. If your cause is near and dear to someone’s heart, they are much more likely to carry around your branded merchandise, such as a water bottle, than they are to carry a generic item that doesn’t support a social cause they’re passionate about.

Revenue Potential

Believe it or not, spending money on cool, branded swag can be a great way to bring in additional revenue or funding. Sure, you can hand out giveaway items at events or mail small freebies to your donors, but you can also sell catchy swag as a way to generate additional revenue.

If you buy items in bulk, ensure they have a cool design, and sell them for a margin, you’ll have more money to commit to the work you really want to be doing.

Branded Merchandise for Nonprofits is Strategic

When considering what the best merchandise is for your target audience, don’t be afraid to get creative.

You want products that people are excited about

You might find that t-shirts and water bottles connect better with a young audience than coffee mugs and tote bags. However, if you’re trying to get branded merchandise for your big donors, maybe a charcuterie board or laptop sleeve is a better way to go. You have to think of this as a strategic move in order for it to be successful, but when executed properly, nonprofits will experience major benefits from branded merchandise!

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