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How to Ensure Your Website is Google Ad Grant Compliant

Google Ad Grants is a program that Google sponsors, giving $10,000 a month in advertising credits to qualifying nonprofits in any sector. If a nonprofit isn’t taking advantage of this program, money is certainly being left on the table. Getting the word out and spreading awareness is one of the biggest hurdles in the nonprofit world and utilizing Google Ad Grants can help your organization get the reach you need in order to make a difference.

Google is notorious for being a state-of-the-art company, always creating the best products, and they expect that level of commitment from recipients of Google Ad Grants, too. There are requirements every organization must fulfill before becoming eligible to receive these grants, but there are also ongoing requirements needed to remain in good standing. We’ll break everything down so the money you’re currently spending on advertising can be more effective or put to a different use.

Website Requirements

Before Google will even consider your application for Google Ad Grants, your website must be up to snuff. Being an online search engine, Google has high standards for the websites they support, though none of the requirements are impossible are overly complicated. In today’s digital world, ensuring a seamless user experience is a requirement and you’ll likely be more successful if you commit to an optimized website. Here’s what you need before getting started:

Have Clear Messaging on Your Website

Your website should clearly define the mission statement of your organization in a way that’s digestible and memorable, giving viewers an understanding of what you do and the cause you support. Dive further into what you do and how you serve your community by providing examples and even photographs if possible. Lastly, you’ll want to fill your website with helpful content. Blog sections are a great way to educate and inform the audience visiting your site.

Ensure the User Experience is Exceptional

Keep Your Site Updated

Emphasize Financial Responsibility & Transparency

Be Mindful of Ads

Maintaining Compliance in the Long Term

Once your organization has been accepted by Google and is receiving Google Ad Grants, there are regular metrics that are tracked to ensure the effectiveness of your Google Ad Grants. If Google determines that your organization falls out of compliance, even once admitted, you can be removed any time from receiving these grants. To remain in compliance over time, prioritize the following:

Keyword Requirements

Google isn’t going to give free money to just any campaign; to ensure that yours meets the standard, avoid using single keywords or generic keywords. It can be tempting to use more broad keywords to use up the full $10,000 monthly allowance, but the quality is important. If a keyword is oversaturated, your ads will not reach the right people. To help, keywords are given a quality score; any keyword with a quality score of 2 or lower should be removed or your account may face deactivation.

Minimum Click-Through-Rate

Requiring a minimum CTR of 5% at an account level helps Google ensure that the ads it’s funding are serving the right purpose. If you’re not achieving that rate overall, consider reassessing and refining your campaign strategy.

Monthly Conversions

Monthly conversions should matter to you just as much as they matter to Google. If your site isn’t seeing at least 1 conversion a month, something isn’t working. Try adding more relevant keywords to your account to expand your reach.

The Rule of 2

Every campaign should consist of at least 2 ad groups and every ad group should have at least 2 ads. Creating ad groups with multiple ads helps you determine how effective different approaches are while trying out various advertising approaching. Be careful to not add too many ads to each ad group, or it could be difficult to determine how each is performing.

Annual Survey Responses

This is a simple one, so don’t mess it up. Google sends out an annual survey to all Google Ad Grant recipients and filling it out is a requirement for the program.

Use Resources Wisely

If Google Ad Grants aren’t already in your toolbox, being admitted to the program should be a top priority. Advertising is critical for nonprofits and this “free” advertising money gives you so much room to grow your organization. Follow the tips above to get your website in tip-top shape before applying and to stay in compliance after you get accepted.



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